Relevance of Physical Activity with Rage and Rage Expression in High School Students | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Relevance of Physical Activity with Rage and Rage Expression in High School Students

Author(s): Hamza Ali Gokalp* and Ozden Tepekoylu Ozturk


This survey's chief objective is to compare rage expression styles and trait rage levels in high school students who carry out physical activities and those who not. Furthermore, an effort is made to analyze variations in variables associated with gender, age, playing digital games, and sports as a listed athlete. In order to attain that objective, the "Trait Anger and Anger Expression Style Scale" revealed by Spielberger et al. (1983) and adjusted to Turkish by Özer (1994), and a "Personal Information Form" produced by the researchers were used. The study sample comprises 205 pupils (101 male and 104 female participators) who carried out physical activities and studied at schools performing in Manisa. Information is assessed utilizing standard deviation, frequency, arithmetic means, Pearson correlation as well as t-test analysis methods. In light of the study findings, doing physical activities is essential in regulating and decreasing the consequences of the feeling of rage, which can harm individuals' lives considerably. Plus, lack of physical activity and playing digital games can be assessed as an essential factor that can trigger rage and rage factors.

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