Retinitis Pigmentosa with Macular Hole | 96322

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Retinitis Pigmentosa with Macular Hole

Author(s): Aakriti Tiwari, Pranav Gupta, TanmayTarang, Pranaykumar Shinde*


Retinitis pigmentosa is a heterogeneous group of inherited conditions characterized by progressive loss of photoreceptor and pigment epithelial function. A 37-year-old female came with the chief complaints of decreased near and distant vision in both eyes specifically at night which was gradual in onset and painless in nature. She has been experiencing this difficulty for 5 years. There was a history of similar complaints in other siblings too as per the patient. In both eyes, a dilated fundus examination revealed slight disc pallor, mild vascular attenuation, and pigmentary alterations in the form of bony corpuscles in the mid periphery. Although the foveal anatomy of the left eye was maintained, the right eye exhibited a full thickness macular hole. A full thickness macular hole and photoreceptor layer loss were discovered on swept source optical coherence tomography in the right eye. Electroretinography of both eyes showed extinguished photopic and scotopic responses. A diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa in the right eye with a full thickness macular hole and retinitis pigmentosa in the left eye was made.

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