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Retreatment Efficacy of Continuous Rotation Versus Reciprocation Kinematic Movements in Removing Gutta-Percha with Calcium Silicate-Based Sealer: SEM Study

Author(s): Raghad Noori Nawaf* and Raghad Abdulrazzaq Alhashimi


Background: The removal of maximum amount of root canal filling materials is necessary for successful endodontic retreatment, several rotary systems have been used for removing obturating materials. The aim of this study: To evaluate the effectiveness of continuous rotation retreatment systems (ProTaper Universal retreatment and XP-endo Retreatment) versus reciprocating systems (Reciproc Blue and Wave One Gold) in removing gutta-percha point and calcium silicate-based sealer from the root canal during endodontic retreatment.

Materials and Methods: Forty mandibular second premolars with straight oval canal were used and instrumented with ProTaper Next system up to size X3 file, then obturated with gutta-percha and TotalFill BC Sealer using single cone technique. The samples were divided into four groups according to the retreatment system used (n=10): group 1: ProTaper Universal retreatment system, group 2: XP-endo Retreatment system, group 3: Reciproc Blue, group 4: WaveOne Gold. Scanning electron microscope was used to evaluate the amount of residual materials. The data were statistically analyzed at (p< 0.05) significance level.

Result: The apical third was associated with more remaining filling materials, and there was no significant difference among four systems regarding the number of residual materials at the coronal and middle thirds. In the apical third, XP-endo Retreatment system was more effective than ProTaper Universal retreatment system and WaveOne Gold at (P=0.027, 0.031, respectively) (p<0.05). No significant difference among groups in retreatment time.

Conclusion: No system was able to remove obturated materials completely, XP-endo Retreatment system was the most effective in the retreatment ability.

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