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Retrospective Analysis of Causative Factor for Tooth Discoloration among Male Patients in Indian Population

Author(s): Tasleem Abitha S and Subash Sharma*


Introduction: A smile has been said to be among man’s most important interactive communication skills. The public’s importance for white teeth has driven dentists to strive to meet their patient’s expectations of dental aesthetics. The appearance of the dentition is of concern to a large number of people seeking dental treatment and the colour of the teeth is of particular cosmetic importance. Materials and methods: This study is a retrospective cross sectional study conducted in a Private Dental Institution, in Chennai to determine the causative factor of tooth discoloration with the approval from the Institutional Review Board. It included demographic data of the patients along with dental status of each individual. The data collection was done by reviewing the patient's record and analysed the data of June 2019 and March 2021. Results: From our current study it is seen that around 50.9% of the participants were between the age group of 18-30 years. From the findings of the current study it is seen that, around 79.2% of the patients have undergone treatment for discoloration in relation to sextant 2 which is maxillary anterior. Conclusion: Tooth Staining has several etiologic factors ranging from simple enamel hypoplasia to severe dental fluorosis. Many colour changes can be encountered when dealing with tooth discoloration. An understanding of the disease process is essential in determining the appropriate treatment modalities.

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