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Retrospective Study Assessing the Prevalence of Second Mesiobuccal Root in Permanent Maxillary First Molar among Population of Hafar al Batin using the only CBCT in Speciality Dental Centre

Author(s): Sadun Mohammad Al Ageel Albeaji*, Faleh Hamed Alshammari, Shikha Arya, Khalid Ali Alfadhli, Zahra Abdul Mohsen Alwesabi, Rakan Mohammad Alharbi and Nuha Alkhadra


Aim: To assess the prevalence of the second mesiobuccal (MB2) canal in the MB root of permanent maxillary first molars in a Saudi sub-population using cone?beam computed Tomography (CBCT) Materials and Methods: This study was executed on CBCT images of Saudi patients seen at Regional Dental Centre, ministry of health (Hafar Al Batin). A total of 470 maxillary first molars were evaluated using CBCT software. The presence and prevalence of MB2 was calculated in terms of age, gender and tooth position. Result: Statistically analysis of the data using Chi square test was done. Prevalence of MB2 canal in three rooted maxillary permanent first molar was 61.7%. Prevalence was highest in 20-40 years of age group. It was followed by >40 years and lowest in<20 years and difference was statistically significant (p=0.005). There was no statistically significant difference in the prevalence based on gender and tooth position. Conclusion: There is a high probability of finding MB2 canal in Saudi population.

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