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Review of Different Vaccines and Vaccination Campaings against COVID around the Globe and India

Author(s): Swaroopa Chakole* and Jahanvi Goyal


Background: Corona virus is caused by beta variant of corona virus occurred as an unexpected breakout from the city of Wuhan, spreading across borders in no time. A large number of measures like imposing strict curfews, lockdowns, avoidance of public gatherings, home isolation, quarantine etc. have been imposed in the nation to curb the disease transmission, but none of the measures were enough to stop the viral transmission. The only efficient measure to stop the transmission of virus is developing herd immunity by the use of vaccines. As known from the past experiences vaccines take a long time to get approval, but many COVID vaccines have received emergency approval for public use.

Summary: Vaccines, by creating herd immunity in the population, are the most efficient strategy of limiting the epidemic. Vaccines are the most cost-effective method of preventing infection transmission. Vaccine development typically takes several years, however due to significant mortality; numerous vaccines against COVID-19 have obtained emergency approval.

Conclusion: Most of the vaccines developed today or in trial aim at targeting the S protein or the RBD region. There has been remarkable success in development of COVID-19 vaccine since the registration of first case on January 10-2020. Mortality and morbidity associated with the disease are increasing day by day and hence temporary measures like lockdown and stay-at-home strategy would not suffice for long. A large number of vaccination campaigns have been launched around the globe. They aim at reducing the incidence of the disease and henceforth the associated mortality.

Keywords: COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Infection

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