Review on Structure, Characteristics, and Applications of Cr | 91748

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Review on Structure, Characteristics, and Applications of Cross-linked Porous Polyimides

Author(s): Lakhwinder Singh, Durgesh Wadhwa and Manpreet Sedha*


Porous polyimides are a kind of permeable organic polymer that is interesting to study (POPs). They have good physical and chemical stability, large surface areas, and energy storage capacities, and they are formed by simple poly condensation processes. The monomers employed in polymer synthesis are intimately linked to the characteristics of the polymer. In the instance of polyimides, various methods are used to generate the required cross-linked and porous PIs from polytypic amines and anhydrides. A large collection of linkers (di anhydrides) and core (amines) starting materials allows for the creation of a broad variety of cross linked pPIs. This research compares and contrasts the unique properties and actions both of semi crystalline pPIs. Furthermore, their uses in energy hydro and isolation, electricity generation storage, catalysis, drug administration, and sensors are explored. Lastly, the paper provides an overview of progress in the area of pPIs since 2010, and a prediction and suggestions for further research in applications.

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