Right of patient to know with an approach to Health System Development Plan | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Right of patient to know with an approach to Health System Development Plan

Author(s): Hassan Babaei, Fardin Hosseinpanahi


Right to know is a right defined and considered in human rights, regarded by human rights communities more than ever in all topics of human rights. This topic has actually penetrated into medical system as a continuous objective for Ministry of Health in our country. In patient rights charter of Ministry of Health, right of patient to know is mentioned which is adopted from this right. Health authorities believe that patients must know about all diagnostic and treatment methods, power and weak points of each method and potential complications, disease diagnosis, prognosis and its consequences as well as all information affecting decision making. Finally with complete information they communicate their consent to medical system and physicians for treatment. Based on research findings, right of patient to know has been considered in the framework of patient rights charter in Health System Development Plan and it has been attempted to consider patient rights charter more than ever.

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