Robotic Surgical Systems in Maxillofacial Surgery-A Review | 83090

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Robotic Surgical Systems in Maxillofacial Surgery-A Review

Author(s): Yandeti Srinivasulu*, Subhashini Ramasubbu and Abdul Wahab


In the twenty-first century, robotic surgery is used in maxillofacial surgical procedures for the treatment of tumors, maxillofacial regions and non-malignant diseases. With the use of robotic surgical systems, maxillofacial surgery is done with minimal blood loss, lesser complications, minimal hospitalisation and more cosmetic standard open surgery. Till now, the application of robotic surgery techniques in the treatment of head and neck diseases remains in an experimental stage. Maxillofacial surgeries are being performed with large incisions, either via a Trans mandibular or a trans pharyngeal approach, because of anatomical complications and minimal surgical space. These procedures typically result in significant surgical morbidity, speech dysfunction and dyspepsia from the dissection of large amounts of normal tissue.

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