Role of Lasers in Forensic Prosthodontics-A Review | 54408

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Role of Lasers in Forensic Prosthodontics-A Review

Author(s): Divya Vashisht*, Neha Vashisht, Renu Gupta, Priyanka and Kirti Sharma


The identification of the deceased individuals in case of crime and mass disasters is of utmost challenge to the forensic experts. The lack of fingerprint data makes it challenging to identify the victims of mass disasters. Dental identifications have always played a key role in natural and manmade disaster situations, and, the mass casualties normally associated with aviation disasters, Tsunami etc. Hence Prosthodontics can play an important tool for the investigators to easily identify the victims through denture marking techniques. Incorporating a paper or embossing the data of patient in denture can be tough to read by naked eye because of the opacity of the acrylic resin. Hence the laser can be an especially useful tool in auto-identification as it is cost effective, time effective and less cumbersome.

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