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Role of Video Aids in Learning among Higher Education Students: An Observational Study

Author(s): Ganesh S, Palati sinduja* and R Priyadharshini


Introduction: Video-based learning is a form of eLearning that allows its audience to acquire skills and gain knowledge via video. This method of training is becoming increasingly popular, and starting to replace the traditional. They improve learner performance by providing visual examples, allowing them to interact, explore and digest the content at their own pace. The aim is to find the role of video aids for learning among the students of higher education. Materials and methods: A simple online survey was carried out to investigate the role of video aids for learning among the students of higher education. 15 self-explanatory questions were framed and distributed to the participants through an Online google forms link. The data collected in google sheets were transferred to SPSS software. Descriptive statistics and Chi- square were carried out. Result: The study shows 81% of students are interested in video learning. Most of the males prefer audio quality but females prefer visual content of the video. We observed that 36% of the participants preferred Line out videos and 31% of them preferred ppt videos. Most of the students use YouTube for learning, it provides free access to a huge volume of educational videos. This service allows users to watch videos and post comments and allows registered users to upload videos. 41% of students prefer the duration of the video to be less than 7 min. 32% of students prefer fast explanation in the video and 51% prefer the normal level of speed in video. Conclusion: The video aids were found to be very useful to students in learning. preference for video aid for learning is high among students if the video has good audio quality, visual resolution and simple methods of explanation. The study found that video length impacts their viewing decision of students indicating that length should play a factor in video learning. The video aids have their own advantages as well as their disadvantages, which should be considered when choosing the video aids.

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