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Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Author(s): Atul Dwivedi, Shweta Shukla Dwivedi*, Muhammad Raheel Tariq, Xiaoming Qiu, Suzhen Hong and Yu Xin


Artificial Intelligence concept is becoming popular in search engines, voice recognition software’s, biometric recognition software’s, automatic vehicles, healthcare electronic device. With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, clinicians can sort out the relevant information about the management of a disease in order to take right decisions. Moreover, clinicians could consult e-books, websites, e-journals for collecting updated information. As technology is evolving day by day, Medical researchers also use this technology in setting up appropriate modalities and algorithm for several diseases. Artificial Intelligence methods excel at recognizing tumor’s at stages, complex images, exact pathologies behind several disease and tumors. AI also reserved its importance in robotics, by which several complicated surgeries can be performed easily. Here, we also explore the emerging potential of Artificial Intelligence in research, in which, AI can extract the relevant information from huge data towards taking perfect clinical decision in healthcare system. Artificial Intelligence has got its application in several branches of medicine. In this review, we tried to establish a general understanding and scope of Artificial Intelligence in medicine.

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