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Seasonal Fluctuations of Inflammatory Cytokines in Rheumatoid Arthritis Iraqi Patients

Author(s): Reham Najim ABD, Majid Mohammed Mahmood* and Asaad F Albayati


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the Seasonal variations of serum IL-6, IL-1β, IFN-γ and, ACCP autoantibodies in RA patients in Iraq. Methods: The study included (45) patients with rheumatoid arthritis, who were selected with ages ranging between (20-60) years. The samples were collected and followed-up in cold, moderate and, hot seasons. This study was performed during the period from January 2019 to February 2020. They were selected from patients who were attending the outpatient Clinic in Medical City/Baghdad Teaching hospital/Rheumatology Unit. Data were collected using a questionnaire form. Anthropometric measurements were taken, and the other tests including the levels of IL-6, IL-1β, IFN-γ, and anti-CCP were quantified by using the ELISA technique. Results: Serum levels of IL-6, IL-1β, and IFN-γ in RA patients were increased significantly (p<0.05) in winter as compared with moderate and summer seasons. While the levels of anti-CCP showed a significant increase (p<0.05) in the summer season compared with winter and moderate seasons. Conclusions: winter weather has an important role in augmenting the severity of disease in RA patients due to its effects on inflammatory cytokines, while hot weather in the summer season affects more ACCP autoantibodies.

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