Septorhinoplasty with and without Nasal Packing: A Comparative Study from North of Iran | Abstract

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Septorhinoplasty with and without Nasal Packing: A Comparative Study from North of Iran

Author(s): Ali Faghih Habibi, Shadman Nemati, Pegah Alizadeh, Siavash Razaghi


Septorhinoplasty are the most common nose surgical procedures widely used the world over. The main aim of this study was comparing the results of septorhinoplasty with and without nasal packing. This case control interventional study was conducted on patients who underwent septorhinoplasty in an ENT university hospital in north of Iran. Two separate groups, with or without nasal tampon (each group consisted of 35 patients) were includedin the study. Open surgical approach for repairment was executed for all and nasal packing (ie. tetracycline impregnated mesh, that was removed after 48 hours) for 35 patients inserted postoperatively.Patients were studied in three time periodsfor pain (using Visual Analogue Scale) and other postoperative signs and symptoms and convenience and overall satisfaction. No significant difference for postoperative bleeding, ecchymosis, hematoma and rhinorrhea was founded between the groups (pË??0.05), but there was a significant difference in short-term outcomes in terms of convenience (p=0.006), edema two days after surgery (p= 0.001), right side and left side edema (p=0.002). The overall satisfaction was significantly higher in patients without nasal packing (p= 0.002). In assessment of the pain rate one week after surgery, there was no significant difference in various age and sex groups (pË??0.05). Based on our 8indings routine nasal packing is not working well in septo-rhinoplasty cases and it is recommended to be avoided in these patients.

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