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Should Haemoglobin be Considered a Criterion for Case Selection in Palatoplasty? - A Prospective Study Report

Author(s): Pratiksha Shetty*, Nikhil S Shetty and Anil Kumar Desai



The study aimed to find a correlation between the haemoglobin (Hb) and packed cell volume (PCV) levels during the pre and post Palatoplasty in patients with cleft palate and the fistula occurrence after the Palatoplasty surgery.


A prospective study was conducted on 50 patients with unilateral cleft lip, alveolus and palate (UCLAP) bilateral cleft lip, alveolus and palate (BCLAP), isolated cleft palate (CP) who reported to the Craniofacial unit for Palatoplasty. Hb & PCV levels evaluated pre and post Palatoplasty were correlated with the occurrence of post-surgical fistula.


The patients with fistula present (FP) and fistula absent (FA) after Palatoplasty were compared with respect to pre-operative and post-operative Hb. The pre-op p-value=0.5944 & post-op p-value=0.8010 through t-test. The pre-operative and post-operative Hb was compared to the FP and FA groups by paired t-test, FP group p-value=0.7013 & FA group p-value=0.0923. Both showed no significant difference. A Similar result was found with respect to PCV values and fistula occurrence.


No significant correlation was found between Hb & PCV levels and post-surgical fistula occurrence. Also, literature doesn’t show evidence of anaesthetic complications secondary to low Hb levels. Hence, deferring the surgery based on Hb and PCV levels should be reconsidered.

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