Significance of Effect of Metformin on Cancer Stem Cells – | 1350

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Significance of Effect of Metformin on Cancer Stem Cells – “Need of an Hour” in oral cancer

Author(s): Anjali P Ganjre, Supriya Kheur, Vivek Pawar, Madhura V Pawar


Oral cancer is a life-threatening disease. Advanced therapeutic approaches are still insufficient to improve the prognosis. Effect of Metformin on cancer stem cells (CSCs) provides promising future. Research on diverse molecular mechanisms involved in different kinds of cancers showed a definite correlation. The role in oral squamous cell carcinoma(OSCC) is not yet defines. So, it will be fruitful in future if the research on metformin and CSCs would be done in oral cancer. It would be helpful in improving the results of current antitumor treatment in oral cancer


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