Status of Health Tourism Information Management System in North West | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Status of Health Tourism Information Management System in North West

Author(s): Zakkiye Piri, Behjat Shekarvash, Seyedeh Shirin Fatemi Naghade


With the increasing trend of health tourism as part of the country's health service, the existence of an information system is essential. The aim of this study was to investigate the status of health tourism information management system based on related factors in the northwestern provinces of Iran. This descriptive crosssectional study was conducted using the Science Direct, PubMed, Magiran, IRANDOC, IranMedex, SID, Google Scholar databases, and health tourism websites in 2016. The status of health tourism information management was assessed using a researcher-made checklist. after confirming the validity and reliability of the checklist, the data were collected in person and in the interview with six health tourism officials in the departments of treatment and health of the East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan and Ardebil provinces. Data analysis was conducted in a qualitative content analysis method. The common components of the Health tourism Information management System include health tourists, health tourism services, service providers, services location, government requirements and laws that were presented as a info graphic model. Registering and storing information of all patients admitted to hospital, setting up a international patients department, establishing a health village and contracting with private companies has been one of the most important actions of the universities. In terms of the information systems and resources, there are shortcomings in all three provinces. Due to some shortcomings and deficiencies in health tourism information management system, the efforts of health tourism authorities and policy makers are necessary on the category of information resources and its components.

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