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Stress and Burnout among Dental Students in a Private Dental Institution in Chennai City: Cross Sectional Study

Author(s): Lalitha Rani Chellappa*, Sai Sanjana Ganji and Nancy Teresa


Background: Burnout is defined as a working environment syndrome, characterized by a process of chronic response to occupational stress, when coping methods fail or insufficient, thus having negative consequences both at the individual and professional level. Further affecting the family and social interactions. Aim of the study is to determine the stress and burnouts among dental students.

Materials and methods: A self-administered questionnaire distributed among dental undergraduate and postgraduate students to collect data. Variables measured included demographic characteristics of students and their perceived stress and burnout among dental students. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software. Statistical significance was set at 5%.

Results: The overall response rate of the survey was 82%. Most of the respondents were in the 18 to 25 age category, mostly males (n=119) when compared to females. Major problems identified from the survey for stress included the lack of time for relaxation, inadequate breaks during the day, fear of failing a module/year, work load, first year students experienced the highest degree of stress and burnouts.

Conclusion: Levels of stress increased across the academic years and peaked among final-year dental students. Stress and burnouts experienced may impact the student’s future professional development and needs proper avenues for relaxation and coping mechanisms in place.

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