Study Difficulty Degree of Root Canal Treatment among Genera | 1719

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Study Difficulty Degree of Root Canal Treatment among General Dentists

Author(s): Parnian Alavi Nejad, Rezvan Khodadad Nejad, Mahbubeh Fathi, Niloufar Kazemi


Out of various jobs care givers and physicians are the most stressful jobs specially dentistry. Root canal treatment is one main tasks of a dentist. In this study, we collected data related to difficulty degree of root canal treatment among general dentists in Ahvaz. Methodology: this study is an analytic epidemiologic study performed on 150 dentists available in dentistry offices in Ahvaz. Collecting data was carried out via questionnaire. Data were analyzed by SPSS software 22th version. In inferential level we used single-sample t test and independent t test. Results: dentists commented that difficulty degree of working on maxillary molars is average and on mandible molars is pretty average while working on other cases is not much. Out of different ages and occupational records, general dentists evaluated difficulty degree of working of root canal treatment as lower than average. Conclusion: difficulty degree of root canal treatment was estimated as low by Ahvaz’s dentists. They believed that by getting older and have higher experience difficulty degree is reduced.


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