Study of CD10 Expression as Predictive Factors of Recurrence in Ameloblastoma | Abstract

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Study of CD10 Expression as Predictive Factors of Recurrence in Ameloblastoma

Author(s): Gelan Dhahi Hassan* and Layla Sabri Yas


Introduction: Ameloblastoma is characterized by a benign but locally invasive behavior with a high risk of recurrence. The invasion of surrounding healthy tissues by tumor cells is one of the essential steps in tumor progression. Identification of invasive activities in ameloblastomas may be useful to predict their biological behavior and aids in constituting proper treatment of choice at an early stage, preventing morbidity associated with extensive therapy.

the invasion phenomenon in ameloblastomas is complicated process that need multiple steps and interaction between cells and molecules to release mediators that have direct and indirect effect in invasion .

Objective: The aim of the present article was evaluate the role of immunomarkers (CD10) in analysis of the invasive potential in ameloblastoma and rate of recurrence.

Method: An Immunohistochemical study using CD10 antibodies was performed on 23 paraffin blocks obtained from the archives of oral pathology laboratory of the oral diagnosis department at the college of dentistry/ Baghdad University and the general pathology in Al hussain teaching hospital in Dhi-qar and private laboratory .Statistical analysis was performed with Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 25.1

Results: This series of 23 cases comprised 16 males and 7 females with mean age of 31.13 years (range: 14 to 60 years), corresponding to 23 cases of intraosseous ameloblastoma (15 cases of follicular ameloblastoma and 8 cases cystic ameloblastoma), 5 cases of local recurrence were observed. No correlation was demonstrated between recurrence and the various clinical and histological parameters and the type of therapy. However, a significant correlation was demonstrated between recurrence and stromal cells expression of CD10 (0.04) but no significant correlation between tumor cells and recurrence (0.07).

Conclusion: The stromal CD10 expression can be considered to be predictive factors of ameloblastoma recurrence.

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