Study of Health Workers Occupational Challenges and Strategies for Empowering them in the Primary Health Care Systems in Iran | Abstract

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Study of Health Workers Occupational Challenges and Strategies for Empowering them in the Primary Health Care Systems in Iran

Author(s): Mostafa Alimehr, Ahmad Moradi*, Ali Kord, Mehdi Zainivand, Mahin Salimi, Mohsen Jalili Tahmasebi and Hadi Kalantari


Introduction and Objectives: Health houses are one of the most important organs to provide health in society and also the first reference level and a patient facing with health personnel. So, their working forces, namely health workers, play an important role in conserving and promoting health of rural community and give service in the distant villages with the earliest facilities. Therefore health workers have confronted with challenges in their work that have to be identified and modified.

Methodology: This research is a qualitative study and of phenomenological type. Required data was gathered through semiconstructed interview with key experts, health workers and clients of health houses. Then to present strategies two specialized panels were implemented. Sampling method in this study was purposeful sampling. Then the concerned data was content analysed using Kelly’s method and findings were reported in the form of main and sub themes.

Findings: The most important job challenges of health workers are seven main themes including: quality of the presented services, financial dimension, and motivational dimension, quality of the presented services, human dimension, working relationships, and infrastructures. Training and retraining health workers, creating incentive to health workers, justice in promotion, equipment health houses, improvement of work relationships and matching work force with workload including were among the most important strategies suggested to empower health workers.

Conclusion: This study showed that over time many functions of health workers have confronted with problem. So, in order to increase their empowerment and efficiency, based on this study, providing a better public environment and culture among people in order to understand the status of health workers is recommended.

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