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Study of Medical and a Microbiological Study

Author(s): Gopalsamy Santhanam Prabudoss*


Necrotizing fasciitis is a progressive, rapidly spreading, inflammatory infection located in deep fascia. It may cause necrosis of skin and subcutaneous tissue and can even result in involvement of adjacent soft tissues such as muscles (necrotizing myositis). In addition to direct spreading of the necrosis to adjacent tissues, distribution of the disease via blood vessels and lymphatic can lead to shock, organ failure and death. Prevalence of this disease in adults is higher than children (0.4 and 0.08 cases for each 100,000 population in adults and children respectively) .The incidence of this disease has increased about five folds during the last decade, which can be partly due to increase in the number of Immuno deficient patients and even may be due to frequent reports during the recent years.

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