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Study Of Nutrient Foramen on Dry Humerus of Wardha District

Author(s): Samruddhi Charde and Kirti Chaudhary*


Background: Humerus is a long bone of upper limb in humans. The nutrient foramen (NF) in the humerus is a bone aperture that conducts peripheral nerves and nutrient arteries. This nutrient artery provides the majority of the blood for the long bones. The blood vessels give nourishment and growth to the bone. During the growth time and prior stages of calcification, as well as operative treatment procedures such as bone grafts, this supply is critical. In Orth, Tumour excision, congenital pseudoarthrosis, and transplant procedures are all discussed. The goal from the study was identifying quantity, nutrient foramen position, it’s direction as well as whether they follow the general norm of nutrient foramina being directed away from the end of the bone which is growing. There is essential role of nutrient artery for fusion of bones which are fractured. In some surgical operations information and knowledge of nutrient foramen helps the doctor in the treatment. So, in relation to morphological and clinical aspects the study of nutrient is important. Material and methods: The study will be concerned with 320 dry arm bone of human population (left and right arm combined) that will be collected from anatomy department, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Sawangi. Some information such as sex and age of bones will be unknown and they would never be necessarily paired. Hand magnifying lens, metallic wires will be used in this study. Results: Data will be collected and will be analyzed statistically. Conclusion: We can expect conclusion that maximum number of the bones may follow “Growing End Theory”. The details will be lying down equivalent information that will assist doctor in operative procedure, analysis of images produced radiologically etc.

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