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Studying the Effect of Aloe Vera Ointment on Wound Healing of CABG Surgery in Diabetic Patients

Author(s): Keivan Babaei, Sooraia Nejatii, Bahareh Najafi, Tohid Mohammadi Khosh boo, Faezeh Ghesmati, Mahdi Firoozi5, Shookooh Varaeii


One of morbidities of diabetes is delay in wound healing. Among treatment common procedures in diabetic patients with coronary artery bypass graft. Therefore, delay in CABG wound healing is one of common problems of diabetic patients. Aloe vera plant contains collagen which heightens the tissue granules and contributes in wound healing process with its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, the researcher tries to examine the effect of Aloe vera on wound healing. The study was random clinical trial with intervention and control groups. 60 diabetic patients who attended to Imam Ali Hospital, Kermanshah for CABG surgery have been assigned to two 30-person groups as intervention and control groups. From second day after surgery, after putting out the sternum area chip pipe of intervention group patients, after washing with betadine they were bandaged by 2% Aloe vera ointment which was made by Karaj academic Jihad organization medicinal herbs research center in a daily basis. In control group only daily washing with betadine and bandage has been done. This has been conducted till 14 days after surgery. Wound healing in days 7, 4 and 14 after surgery has been evaluated by Bates Jenson wound healing scale. One used SPSS version 16 for analyzing the data. In this study, for describing the samples, one used descriptive statistical methods including tables of frequency distribution, determining average, SD and when it comes to study objectives and hypothesis, determining the homogeneity of samples one uses Chi two and Mann Whitman non-parametric test. Mean and SD of total score of wound healing of two groups is calculated at day 4 after intervention by independent Mann Whitman test that P>0,5 therefore two groups had no significant different in wound healing, in day 7 after intervention the mean and SD of wound healing score had significant different based on Mann Whitman test P<0.001 at day 14 after intervention based on Mann Whitman test, there was a significant different between two groups in terms of wound healing p<0.001. 2% Aloe vera ointment can speed up the healing of wound of CABG surgery in diabetic patients after at least one week use.


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