Survey About Knowledge, Interest and Attitude Towards Notes Among Surgeons in Taif, Saudi Arabia | Abstract

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Survey About Knowledge, Interest and Attitude Towards Notes Among Surgeons in Taif, Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Tamer M Abdelrahman, Saif S Alhamyani*, Mohannad S Alassery, Fahad A Alghamdi, Fahad M AlKahtani and Abdulaziz A Alghamdi


Introduction: NOTES merges endoscopy with laparoscopy, minimizing the drawbacks of laparoscopy. There are no external incisions, lesser pain and post-operative hospital stay. This study was done to assess awareness among surgeons about NOTES.

Methodology: Cross-sectional, questionnaire study done on 64 surgeons in Taif during early 2018. The questionnaire had 18 MCQ’s where we asked surgeons about their knowledge and attitude towards NOTES. Results were expressed as percentages. Results: 37.5% surgeons said NOTES cannot become mainstream procedure while 29.7% and 28.1% said it would take 10 and 6 years, respectively. 68.7% said NOTES is costly. 43.75% said NOTES has more complications than laparoscopy. 6.25% said post-operative pain would be more in NOTES compared to laparoscopy. 21.87% said NOTES requires longer time for full activity. 50% were in favour of NOTES if they are given proper training and facilities. These surgeons would not prefer NOTES if the cost is high or the patient needs to be shifted to another hospital. 68.7% surgeons would not prefer NOTES for themselves.

Conclusion: Interest of surgeons in Taif towards NOTES is low. Extensive orientation of surgeons on this procedure and adequate training is mandatory to create awareness which could possibly be more beneficial to patients as well as surgeons.

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