Teledentistry for Underserved Populations: An Evidence-Based | 103686

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Teledentistry for Underserved Populations: An Evidence-Based Exploration of Access, Outcomes, and Implications

Author(s): Radhika Thakkar*, Jitesh V Pimpale*, Amritpreet Kaur, Priyal Thakkar, Megha Sheth and Shivani Karre


Access to oral healthcare presents a persistent challenge, especially among underserved populations residing in remote or economically disadvantaged areas. Teledentistry, a pioneering approach leveraging telecommunication technology to deliver dental care remotely, emerges as a potential solution to bridge this healthcare divide. This evidence-based research article comprehensively examines the efficacy of teledentistry in enhancing access to oral healthcare for underserved populations. This article delves into the multifaceted realm of teledentistry, exploring its advantages, acknowledging its limitations, surveying technological advancements, considering regulatory considerations, and envisioning its potential to reshape the landscape of dental healthcare. In a bid to address oral healthcare disparities, particularly among underserved populations, this evidence-based article assesses the effectiveness of teledentistry, offers insights into its impact on oral health outcomes, showcases real-world case studies, and underscores the challenges and potential solutions inherent in implementing teledentistry within underserved communities.

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