Temporary Anchorage Devices: An Insight | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Temporary Anchorage Devices: An Insight

Author(s): Aravindaksha Rao, Deepak C, Kritika A and Deenadayalan P*


The aim of this review was to categorize and document the various improvements and research conducted on the temporary anchorage device in the orthodontic practice. The various aspects discussed in the article include the structure and design of the miniscrew, the sites of insertion, the indications and contraindications, and the newer methods of utilising mini screws for anchorage purposes in orthodontic practice. The use of TADs as a mainstay in the field of orthodontics is quickly gaining traction. The field is diverse and requires a thorough understanding to allow practitioners to utilize the equipment to its fullest capacity.

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