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The Correlation between Uromodulin and Renal Function in Preeclamptic Women with Preterm Birth

Author(s): Alaa Saadi Abbood*, Suaad A Brakhas and Sahar AH AL-Sharqi


Preeclampsia is a major determinant of fetal and maternal morbidity and mortality and is a systemic disorder of pregnancy characterized by various manifestations of organ dysfunction, chief among them hypertension and proteinuria. Samples were collected from 25 preeclamptic women with preterm and 20 normotensive women in the third trimester of pregnancy (>27 weeks) with an age range of 19-46 years for preeclamptic patients compared to 20-41 years for control subjects. Measurements showed great difference with high statistical significance. Preeclamptic patients had significantly higher systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements , Systolic blood pressure (mmHg) Mean ± Standard deviation 153.2 ± 11.4 the mean of preeclamptic women and 122 ± 4.2 for normotensive and Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg) Mean ± Standard deviation 91.6 ± 9.0.4the mean of preeclamptic women and 79 ± 3.2for normotensive . There was great statistical discrepancy in renal function tests between the two studied groups. Preeclamptic patients had significantly higher levels of all three renal function tests. Some had blood urea and serum Creatinine levels above normal limits, Blood urea Mean ± Standard deviation52.9 ± 6.6 while normotensive is 28.1 ± 6.5, the Serum Creatinine Mean ± Standard deviation 1.8 ± 0.28 while normotensive is 0.7 ± 0.14 and the Serum uric acid Mean ± Standard deviation 7.6 ± 0.78 while normotensive is 3.9 ± 0.91. The present study show significantly decreased p<0.05) in level of Uromodulin in the serum of preeclamptic women with preterm theMean ± Standard deviation 15.8 ± 5.2 for preeclamptic women while the normotensive Mean ± Standard deviation is 19.9 ± 1.5, and In preeclamptic patients, correlation studies of uromodulin withB. urea had weak positive correlation the value is 0.223, and S. creatinine also had Weak +ve revealed directly relations the value is 0.258 and in Uric acid was Weak negative.

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