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The cytotoxic Effect of Iraqi Hyacinthus orientalis against breast Cancer Cells

Author(s): Noor Mohammed Shareef* and Thukaa Z Abdul-jalil


Plants are significant stocks for cytotoxic agents especially compounds having role to deal with multidrug resistant cells. With the aim of finding promising chemotherapy players, Hyacinthus orientalis L. is one of the ornamental plant cultivated in Iraq being in the circle of interest coming up with our best knowledge, there are no published reports comparing between the three different Iraqi’s plant parts (flowers, leaves and bulbs) contents with cytotoxic activities. Extraction were done, for each plant parts, by Soxhlet apparatus follow by fractionation with petroleum ether and ethyl acetate to obtain the target of this study, evaluation of the ethyl acetate fraction of Hyacinthus orientalis L. different parts was done in vitro as cytotoxic agent against human breast cancer (MCF-7) cell line, using the MTT assay. The most effective fraction in the MCF-7 cell line was the flower ethyl acetate fraction (IC50 2.014). The bulbs ethyl acetate fraction (IC50 5.507) and the leaves ethyl acetate fraction (IC50 11.38) were also found to be effective. These results demonstrated that phytoconstituents of Iraqi Hyacinthus orientalis L. should be digged deep for further possible promising chemotherapy players in cancer treatment.

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