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The Development of Institutional Program for the Laboratory Animals Housing and Use

Author(s): Dinara A Turegeldieva*, Tatiana S Ponomareva, Rinat A Islamov, Galina G Kovaleva and Victor M Semenyuk


This study aims to investigate the research work results, which prove the possibility of using biographical analysis techniques to develop prospective teachers to measure the mental states of the students. The biographical strategy and procedures for the examination of mental states are examined at the interdisciplinary level. It has been revealed that biography describes a philosophy of this phenomenon through life's retrospective prism and as a response that shows an individual's outlook on their mental features in numerous social circumstances. To interpret that, a pedagogical and psychological study is conducted—this study had no analog theory and use of subjective and pedagogical science. The mentioned study has been conducted in 4 levels: organizational stage-this stage is completed to demonstrate the technical and methodological interpretation of experimental work; ascertaining step-the predictive implies to discover the willingness levels of prospective teachers to employ the methods of biographical analysis in examining the students' mental states have been investigated; formative step–it indicates the author's methodology for promoting the prospective teachers' knowledge, skills, talents to use biographical methods in analyzing the students' mental states as well as their correction; control step–this stage illustrates the outcomes of psychological and pedagogical experiment. Based on the results acquired, it can be inferred that the author's teaching approaches' effectiveness is to apply biographical methods to develop prospective teachers to measure and resolve students' mental states. Furthermore, this matter helps manifest that biographical strategies and the fundamental psychological are excellent in diagnosing personality.

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