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The Effect of Chicken Eggshell Extract on Microhardness of Artificially Induced Dental Erosion in Permanent Teeth (In Vitro Study)

Author(s): Shatha A Abbas* and Alhan A Qasim


Background: Chicken eggshell mainly comprises of calcium and phosphorous along with other minerals as trace elements, so it has been considered as a natural source of calcium for enamel remineralization.

Aim of the study: Test and compare the efficacy of two various application intervals of chicken eggshell powder (CESP) solution on the microhardness of artificial erosion like lesion of enamel, compared with sodium fluoride and de-ionized.

Materials and Methods: twenty sound permanent upper first premolars were used. Samples were distributed randomly as three study and one control groups, each one comprised of five teeth. Then all samples were subjected to demineralization by soft cola drink. The study groups are: Group A: untreated (demineralization followed by immersion in deionized water ,as control), Group B : demineralization followed by immersion in CESP solution for 7 consecutive day , Group C: demineralization followed by immersion in CESP solution 30 minutes twice daily for 7 days, Group D : demineralization followed by immersion in 0.05% sodium fluoride (NaF) solution 4 minutes daily for 7 days. Vickers microhardness test were performed before and after demineralization with coca cola drink and following treatment with the selected agent for pre-determined time intervals.

Results: There was a significant reduction in microhardness of all samples after demineralization. For groups B, C and D, a significant increase in microhardness (P < 0.05) following treatment with therapeutic solutions. Group B was statistically higher than other groups (54.13%, P= 0.001), followed by group C (44.52%, P=0.001) which was significantly higher than group D and A.

Conclusion: According to the results of the current study, eggshell has a remineralizing potential against initial enamel erosion.

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