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The Effect of Massage with Tellington Method Abalone Type on the Sleep Quality of Diabetic Patients having Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Nahid Jarrahi, Nasrin Elahi*, Houshang Alijani Renani, Bahman Cheraghian


The massage therapy by nurses showed a considerable impact on the increase of the quality of life and solving the sleep problem of patients. The proficiency of applying massage lets the nurses to have medicinal follow up with patients as well as to develop the good communications with patients.

Purpose: The definition of the impact of massage therapy on the sleep quality of type 2 diabetic patients in the clinics those are associated to the “Jundishapur University of medical sciences of Ahvaz”.

Research method: This research is a randomized clinical experience trial. In this research, the impact of Massage with Tellington method (abalone type) on the sleep quality of type 2 diabetic patients was investigated in the clinics associated to Jundishapur University of Ahvaz. The samples of this research included 148 men and women with type 2 diabetes having an appropriate standard for examination. Pittsburgh sleep test as well as the descriptive statistics were utilized simultaneously (numbers, percentage, average, standard deviation) and illative statistics (fisher exact test, chi–square, independent samples t-test, paired samples t-test). The SPSS 21 software was used for data processing.

Data: The independent samples of t-test indicates that before intervention in both control and massage groups, there is no statistically significant difference in the average of patients’ sleep quality with type 2 diabetes and both groups have the same sleep quality (p>0.05). Independent sample t-test showed that there is observed a difference between the grade of sleep quality in every groups of massage therapy before and after the intervention. But there is no observable significance between the grades of sleep quality of control groups before and after the intervention. Also it proves that there is observed a remarkable difference between the grade of all dimensions of sleep quality (except the sleep efficiency) in both massage therapy groups before and after the intervention. Independent sample t-test showed that there is observed a significant difference between the intervention and control groups regarding the sleep quality (except the rate of sleep) before and after intervention.

Deduction: The massage impact on the sleep quality and dimensions (except sleep efficiency) of people with type 2 diabetes.

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