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The Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Cortical Oscillatory Waves of the EEG in Shift and Non-shift Health Workers

Author(s): Mariam Salako, Menizibeya O Welcome, Cevat Unal and Senol Dane*


Background: The harmful effects of shift work on heart function shave been reported in previous studies. However, the impact of shift work on cortical functions as recorded on EEG has not been widely reported. We aimed to investigate the possible harmful effects of sleep deprivation secondary to shift working on brain function by recording the EEG in work shift health workers.

Method: Sixteen healthy health workers participated in this study. The study was conducted in Abuja, Nigeria, from January to May 2019. Night shift (sleep deprivation) group (n=9) remained awake for 26 hours. Non-shift group (n=7) slept in their homes. EEG was applied two times in the morning at 09.00 am and in the evening at 07.00 pm for both shift and non-shift groups.

Results: In the shift health workers (sleep deprivation group), EEG tracing of both right and left brain hemispheres revealed a decrease in EEG beta power and gamma powers in the evening compared to morning recording. But in the non-shift health workers, there was no statistically significant difference between morning and evening recordings.

Conclusion: Sleep deprivation due to work shift may cause disruption in the brain EEG recordings by affecting the biological rhythm.

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