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The Effect of Three Different Obturation Techniques on Push Out Bond Strength of Bioceramic (Total Fill) and AH Plus Sealers

Author(s): Batool Basim Mounes* and Raghad A Al-Hashimi


Background: The adhesion strength of the sealer and the appropriate technique used with it is important to achieve single adhesion unite (mono block) and prevent any leakage.

The aim of the study to evaluate and compare the efficacy of different obturation techniques Cold Lateral Compaction (CLC), Single Cone (SC), carrier based obturation techniques (Gutta Core) (GC) on push out bond strength of bio ceramic (total fill) and AH plus sealers at different root levels.

Materials and methods: Sixty maxillary first molars with a straight round palatal root canal, after sectioning of the palatal roots, the canal were instrumented with Edge Endo X7 Rotary system files up to(40/04)Then the samples divided into two groups according to sealer used A group "(bioceramic sealer)" B group "AH PLUS sealer" each group subdivided into 3 subgroup according to obturation techniques each group (n=10): group 1: (CLC), group 2: (SC), group 3: (GC). The universal testing machine used for a push-out test to evaluate the bond strength, mode of failure evaluate by digital microscope. The data were statistically analysed at (p<0.05) significance level.

Result: There were GC in total fill showed high bond strength in different root canal regions, while GC in AH plus showed lowest bond strength among all groups, and CLC in AH plus highest bond strength among all groups, cohesive mode of failure most predominant in all groups.

Conclusion: ClC, SC in AH plus GC in total fill BC. The use of these techniques with these sealers may improve the success rate with better prognosis for endodontic treatment outcomes.

Keywords: Obturation techniques, Total fill bc sealer, Single cone technique, Guttacore obturation technique, Ah plus, Push out bond strength

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