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The Effectiveness of Combination Effleurage Massage and Slow Deep Breathing Technique to Decrease Menstrual Pain in University Students

Author(s): Dini Ariani, Siti Sugih Hartiningsih*, Udin Sabarudin and Senol Dane


Introduction: Generally, menstruation happens to follow a regular pattern and it doesn’t have a problem; however, some women have severe menstrual pain. In the present study, the possible useful effects of a combination of Effleurage Massage and Slow Deep Breathing technique on primary menstrual pain were investigated.

Methods: Thirty midwifery students with primary menstrual pain included in the study. The study was designed to measure the changes in menstrual pain score before and after combination Effleurage massage and Slow Deep Breathing technique. The therapy was applied only to the intervention group. A warm compress was applied to the control group. The Numeric Rating Scale was used to get pain scores. Pain scores were obtained one hour before and after therapy.

Results: The decrease of pain scores or the difference between pretest and post-test were significant in the total sample as well as in intervention and control groups. There was no significant difference between intervention and control groups in terms of pretest menstrual pain scores. But the post-test menstrual pain score was significantly lower in the intervention group than in the control group. Also, the difference (pretest minus post-test) or decrease in menstrual pain between pretest and post-test was significantly higher in the intervention group than in the control group.

Discussion: This result showed that the combination technique of effleurage massage and slow deep breathing is more effective than warm compress in reducing the scale of menstrual pain.

Conclusion: Menstrual pain can be treated non-pharmacologically. The menstrual pain can be overcome by the method of combination technique by effleurage massage and slow deep breathing. The advantages of this method are safe, easy, free of charge, free of side effects and it can be done alone. The combination techniques of effleurage massage and slow deep breathing are more effective to decrease menstrual pain compared to warm compresses.

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