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The effects of COVID - 19 Pandemic Outbreak on Food Consumption Preferences and Their Causes

Author(s): Bilal Celik, Senol Dane*


Introduction: COVID 19 pandemic outbreak increased panic, anxiety and depression level in both young and adult people. In the present study, the attitudes of families in terms of food consumption and shopping preferences towards COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and lockdown was investigated.

Method: Four hundred eleven participants or families were included in this study. All of them accepted to participate in this study voluntarily (303 men and 108 women). An online survey was generated to get the food preferences and their causes before and after COVID 19 pandemic outbreak. The survey was conducted during the lockdown period of COVID-19 when all participants were self-isolated at homes.

Results: Before the outbreak the first and second preferences for food consumption were meat and bakery foods but after the outbreak the first and second preferences were fruits and vegetables. Before the outbreak the first and second causes for preference were cost and health but after the outbreak the first and second causes for preferences were quality and health.

Conclusion: The results of the present study show that COVID 19 pandemic outbreak has a powerful impact on food consumption preferences and their causes of families from various countries.

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