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The Effects of Sex, Physical Defect on Body, Acne on Face and Education on Depression in Nigerian University Students

Author(s): Okafoagu N Christina, Olanipekun M Akin, Rayyan A Salisu, Ameerah G Jimoh, Firdausy N Abdurazzaq, Ibrahim A Azeez, Khadija Aliyu, Menizibeya O Welcome and Senol Dane*


Background: Depression among university students is fairly prevalent and a common problem in the world. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of sex, physical defect on body, acne on face and education on depression in Nigerian university students.

Methods: A total of 298 Nigerian university students were involved in the study. Participants were 105 men and 193 women who were 17 years-25 years of age. The Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ) 20 adapted from WHO was used to screen for depression.

Results: Depression score was higher in female than in male subjects (t=2.75, p=0.01). Subjects with physical defect and acne had higher depression scores than subjects without physical defect and acne (t=2.76, p=0.01 and t=2.12, p=0.04, respectively). There was a positive relationship between depression scores and years of education (F=4.53, p=0.00).

Conclusions: Sex, university education and health related problems such as physical defect and acne are associated with depression scores in university students.

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