The Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopic Study of One Unani Drug, "Apk Abraisham" | Abstract

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The Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopic Study of One Unani Drug, "Apk Abraisham"

Author(s): Hassan Mohammad M, Janaki CS, Rao MRK*, Prabhu K, Deepa k, Franklin and Vijayalakshmi N


This work deals with the gas chromatography mass spectroscopic study of one Unani medicine, Apk Abraisham, which is prescribed for Ano-rectal disorders as well as nerve related problems. The medicine was procured from a standard Unani medicine vendor at Chennai and was processed suitably to be analysed by GC MS process. The results indicated the presence of many molecules such as trans-2,4-Dimethylthiane, S,S-dioxide, trans-2-methyl-4-n-pentylthiane, S,S-dioxide, Cyclopentane, 1-pentyl-2-propyl-, Terpinen-4-ol, alpha-Terpineol, Pivalic acid, 2-tetrahydrofurylmethyl ester, Propanoic acid, 2,2-dimethyl-2-ethylhexyl ester, trans-2,4-Dimethylthiane, S,S-dioxide, 3-Cyclohexene-1-ethanol, beta, 4-dimethyl-, Trichloroacetic acid, undecyl ester, Carbonochloridic acid, decyl ester, Sulfurous acid, butyl undecyl ester, Phthalic acid, octyl tridec-2-yn-1-yl ester etc. which show promising medicinal roles. These medicinal roles could lead to the cure of the ailments for which this medicine is prescribed.

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