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The Impact of facial index on the time of permanent teeth eruption

Author(s): Hasam Fawzi Mnajid* and Alhan Ahmed Qasim


Background: Facial Index (FI) is the ratio of morphological Facial Height (FH) and maximum Facial Width (FW) and can be calculated according to the formula: FI=FH/FW × 100. The values of Facial Index (FI) were used to determine the incidence of certain facial types according to Martin-Saller’s scale.

Aim of the study: This study was conducted to determine the impact of facial index on the timing of permanent teeth eruption among children.

Materials and methods: The study population which was studied in the department of college of dentistry university of Baghdad reached (445) children.

An electronic vernia will be used for messing the facial height from nasion to gnathion and then spreading caliper will be used for measuring facial width between the most lateral points of zygomatic arch on both sides. The dental examination will be conducted using disposables mirrors and probe with adequate light to determine the erupted permanent teeth.

Results: The sample size 445 child 198 of them were boys and 247 were girls the time of permanent tooth eruption were normal for 152 children, delayed for 233 children and early for 60 child. The face types according to facial index were hyperereuryprospic 147 children, euryprospic 162, mesoprosopic 106, leptoprospoic 30, hyperleptoprosoipc 0. There were a relation between different face types and time of permanents teeth eruption.

Conclusion: Broad face shapes have a normal or accelerated teeth eruption more than narrow face shape.

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