The Impact of Feeding Pattern and Mother's Oral Health on Infant's Growth Parameters | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Impact of Feeding Pattern and Mother's Oral Health on Infant's Growth Parameters

Author(s): Kefah A Majhool* and Ban Sahib Diab


Background: Oral health of mother in postpartum period had some effect on the growth of infants especially with breast feeding. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect feeding pattern and mother’s oral health on infants growth parameters by using salivary growth hormone biomarker among a sample of infants in Baghdad city. Subject’s materials and methods: The selected sample included 110 mothers with an age range of 18-25 years from health center. Infants of the mothers with age range of 3-6 months were subjected to anthropometric measurements (weight, length and head circumference) to assess growth pattern. Ninety infants were selected for salivary growth hormone analysis, and the analysis was performed by using Enzyme-Linked Immune Sorbent Assay. Infants divided into two groups according to feeding pattern into exclusive breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Oral health status of mothers was assessed by measuring dental caries Decay1-4Missing –Filled Surface index. Results: The present study demonstrates salivary growth hormone level higher in breastfeeding group than bottle feeding group with non-significant statistical result. Also the result found for all grades of caries severity The results demonstrates that the values of weight for length ,body mass index and head circumference increased in breast feeding group and the values of weight for age and length for age increased in bottle feeding, however all these differences were not-significant. Conclusions: Infant 'salivary growth variables were no significantly affected by feeding pattern and caries status of the mother.

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