The Impact Study of Covid-19 on the Patterns of Handling Cov | 63381

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Impact Study of Covid-19 on the Patterns of Handling Covid-19 with Differences in Compliance Levels of Indonesian and Malaysian

Author(s): Wiwik Suryandartiwi, Tengku Mohammad Yoshandi, Devi Purnamasari, Agus Salim, Abdul Zaki and Senol Dane*


COVID-19 pandemic experiencing a growing number of spreads in various regions globally. The suppress of the number should be the responsibility of the Country's authority for such deployments. Each Country had its handling patterns as well as communities with different compliance in following existing policies. This study aims to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on the ways of handling COVID-19 with differences in compliance levels of Indonesian and Malaysian. This type of research is a mix of methods. This research shows a difference in COVID-19 handling patterns between Indonesia and Malaysian. Malaysia treatment patterns show many positive impacts seen from the significant decline in the number of corona patients. At the same time, Indonesia still encounters various problems in poorly organized handling patterns with the consequence of the high number of corona patients drastically. The improper handling pattern in Indonesia results in a lack of compliance by the existing community, which is different from Malaysia that shown an increase in community compliance after good handling patterns are implemented.

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