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The Influence of Social Media on Treatment Choices of Teeth bleaching Among the Population in Jeddah

Author(s): Roaa Alshafei*, Rotana Qari, Anan Sharbatli, Farah Alyaqoub, Dania Alsibai and Suhail Shariff


Advances in restorative dentistry have made many teeth whitening techniques economical and cost effective both in developed and developing countries. Moreover, Social media is now an important part of many people's lives and is playing an important role in any platform that allows people to interact and exchange information about teeth bleaching. Aim of the study: Assess the influence and role of social media on treatment choices of teeth bleaching among the population in Jeddah, Saudi Arabi. Design: cross sectional. Tool: An online questionnaire was constructed consisting of questions related to demographic data followed by questions including knowledge and perception towards teeth discoloration, bleaching/whitening, factors associated with the decision, etc. (624 participants). Results: Almost all of them heard about teeth whitening; from social media platforms as mainly from snapchat and Instagram. More than half of. The participants have previously performed teeth whitening; using tooth paste and patches. Minority of them have performed teeth whitening in the clinic under dentist supervision. Conclusion: They recommend performing teeth whitening under a dentist’s supervision. Statistically significant differences were found regarding the type of social media platform with age, gender, income and perception that oral health impact general health.

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