The Interaction Effect of HMB Supplementation and Eccentric Training on Muscle Hypertrophy Signaling | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Interaction Effect of HMB Supplementation and Eccentric Training on Muscle Hypertrophy Signaling

Author(s): Amiri Naser, Matinhomaee Hasan, Maghsoud Peeri, Azarbaielani Mohhamd Ali


Resistance exercise is a key component of any training program aiming to increase strength or muscle mass,. Great number of studies emphasizes the importance of eccentric muscle actions as a key component of resistance training programs. ???-Hydroxy ???-methylbutyrate (HMB), a metabolite of the essential amino acidleucine, is one of the latest dietary supplements promoted to enhance gains in strength and lean body mass associated with resistance training. Patients were randomly divided into four groups: 1) control group (n = 6), 2) HMB (n = 6), 3) exercise (n = 6), 4) exercise and HMB (n = 6). After the familiarization stage, supplemental supplementation was performed daily. In HMB and exercise + HMB groups, 480 mg / kg body weight per day was considered. The supplements were dissolved in a milliliter of water and fed to rats. 3 sessions per week, for 6 weeks of exercise exhaust. The rats were anaesthetized and killed after performing the exercise protocol, and the three-body tissue was extracted from the muscle tissue for extraction of the RNA. The results of this study showed that severe eccentric resistance training did not have a significant effect on these levels despite the increase in S6K level (P = 0.01). Also, the results showed that supplemented with eccentric resistance training also had a significant difference on S6K expression level (P = 0.01). However, the results of this study showed that supplementation alone increased the S6K significantly (P = 0.01). The results showed that the combination of resistance and HMB supplemental exercise increased the expression of the S6K factor.

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