The Optimization of the Method of Surgical Correction of the | 82829

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The Optimization of the Method of Surgical Correction of the Vestibulum Oris in the Frontal Segment of the Lower Jaw with a Shaping Prosthesis

Author(s): Natalia Borisovna Astashina*, Natalya Maksimova, Alexander Zhuravlev and Anastasiia Laut


The article presents the analysis of clinical research of the surgical intervention tactics performed in 52 patients of the older age groups using the apically positioned flap technique with the formation of the vestibulum oris of the mouth in the area of the frontal segment of the edentulous lower jaw with the help of the forming prosthesis. The clinical, functional, and radiological methods of investigation have been used, proving the advantages of this method of surgical intervention by reducing the healing time of the wound surface and increasing the depth of the newly formed vestibulum oris and the level of keratinized gingiva in the elderly patients.

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