The Pattern of Covid 19 among Hospitalized Athletics Patient | 91269

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Pattern of Covid 19 among Hospitalized Athletics Patient: A Comparative Study from Basrah City, Southern Iraq

Author(s): Ali Raheem Hashim, Haithem Jawad Kadhum and Hassan Ala Farid*


Background: Acute infection with the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 illness results in a wide range of clinical manifestations in the general adult population. The clinical course and effects in non-athletic people have already been studied, but insufficient data is available on athletics. Objectives: This study is designed to evaluate the pattern, clinical course, the outcome of COVID-19 among athletics in Basrah city in the south of Iraq. Design and materials: A comparative study design was used to compare 18 athletics with sexed and aged match 22 non-athletic. Results and conclusion: The study found that no noticeable difference between the duration of hospitalization between the two groups and all the inflammatory biomarkers was slightly lower among the athletics. In addition, the severity of disease among the athletes was less as the higher degree of lung involvement, the severe desaturation, and the occurrence of cytokine storm were higher among non-athletic; moreover, the response to antiviral drug “remdesivir” and the recovery outcome were higher among athletics.

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