The Prevalence of Dental Disorders among Primary and Medium | 1801

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Prevalence of Dental Disorders among Primary and Medium School Children at Age 8-15 Years Old in Fallujah City, Anbar Governorate, Iraq

Author(s): Mohammed I. Abdullah


Dental disorders are condition affecting children and related with aesthetic, function and malocclusion. This study has been performed to evaluate the prevalence of the more common dental disorders among primary and medium school children with ages 8-15 years old in Fallujah city, Anbar governorate, Iraq. 2652 school children were selected from primary and medium schools, selected by randomized stratified clustered. The study subject were divided into 3 groups and in each group 884 students (442 boys and 442 girls) were examined. Examination was performed in quiet condition with the natural light. Lips and cheeks were retracted with disposable mirror. The results were analyzed with chi-square statistic test in SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) version 22. The prevalence of all dental disorders was 12.8% (Enamel hypoplasia 9.04%, Macrodontia 2.26%, Microdontia 0.67%, Peg lateral shape 0.41%, Mesodense 0.3%, Fusion teeth 0.07%). Although it is difficult to prevent dental disorders occurrence, health educational programs for the parents and school children are critical. Early diagnosis and treatment should be required.


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