The relationship between Quality of life with pregnancy cycl | 1567

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The relationship between Quality of life with pregnancy cycle

Author(s): Hosna Faridi, Mozhgan Javadnoori, Nishtman Alidost


Pregnancy cycle, including before, during and after childbirth in each of those periods factors and indicators that can be associated with quality of life. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between quality of life and life expectancy, pain of childbirth and postpartum depression in women. Methods: This cross-sectional study Between July and December 2016, when newly delivered on 291 women referred to the health network in Bukan. Sample cluster random sampling was chosen and collects the required information through standard questionnaires 1- Postnatal Depression Scale 2- SCL-90-R, Inventory life expectancy Schneider 3- Inventory labor pain from McGill pain questionnaire, 4- Short Form SF-36 quality of life questionnaire was used. In order to estimate the intensity of the relationship between Pearson correlation coefficient to assess the impact of the independent variable and dependent on multivariate linear regression was used to test and finally using independent t test items educated and non-educated groups were evaluated. Results: The quality of life was seen with postpartum depression positive relationship (p=0.05≥ 0.009 and r=0.153). Quality of life and significant relationship between pain and negative (p= 0.05≥ 0.022 and r=-0.135) was observed. But there was no significant relationship between quality of life and life expectancy (p=0.05> 0.433 and r=0.046). Conclusion: The quality of life is directly related with postpartum depression positive and negative correlation with perceived severity of labor pain.


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