The Role of Occupational Stress in Prediction of Marital Sat | 1524

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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The Role of Occupational Stress in Prediction of Marital Satisfaction among Married Nurses Occupied at Shahid Motahari Hospital, Jahrom

Author(s): Mahsa Sabet Ghadam and Zahra Ghaderi


This study is aimed to explain the role of stress in prediction of marital satisfaction among married nurses occupied at Shahid Motahari Hospital, Jahrom, Iran. This research, in terms of nature and objectives, is an applied study and a correlation method is used to implement it. Statistical population of the study is consisted of all 210 nurses occupied at Shahid Motahari Hospital in Jahrom, in 2015-2016. The sample size is equal to 136 individuals who were selected using Morgan table. This sample was selected using simple random sampling method. Data were collected from two questionnaires including occupational stress (Wolfgang et al., 1988) and Enrich sexual satisfaction questionnaires (Olson et al., 1989). Data obtained from the questionnaires were analyzed using Pearson correlation and simultaneous regression analysis. According to the results, there is a significant and negative relationship between occupational stress and several subscales (e.g., workload, control, society, justice and value) with marital satisfaction. The findings also showed that occupational stress and workload, control, society and value subscales negatively predict marital satisfaction.


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