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The Role of Selenium , Vitamin C and Glutathione Reductase Enzyme and Disease activity in Rheu-matoid Arthritis Patient of Medical city In Baghdad

Author(s): Muthanna Abd Al-Rubaie*, Hallah Ghazi Mahmood and Mohammed Hadi Munshed Alosami


Background: The "rheumatoid arthritis (RA)" is a multi-factorial chronic autoimmune disorders that influences a few organs and joints transcendently the synovial joints, Early diagnosis is important to ideal helpful achievement treatment; RA is a condition that is related with oxidative stress. "Oxidative stress" is defined the imbalance of oxidant/antioxidant forces in favor of the oxidant, During normal cellular metabolic processes free radicals and reactive metabolites are continuously generated, These oxidant products can injure and destroy the structures of cells or tissues. Objective: We aimed on this study to evaluate serum Glutathione Reductase (GR) Enzyme concentration, and see if there a correlation with disease activity in patient with RA, and compare it with healthy control. Subject and Method: The study had included on (130) subjects, (100) patient with RA only and (30) age, sex matched healthy control. This study and sample collection performed during the period from November 2021 to January 2022. In Medical City Baghdad Hospital. History was taken and Disease activity had measured by (DAS28-ESR) Disease activity score 28 – ESR from each patient and Ten, milliliters of blood were withdrawing from each control and patient, used for measurements of the GR Result : In studying of Glutathione reductase (GR) enzyme there are high enzyme concentration in human serum patient with Rheumatoid arthritis than the healthy control subject serum ( µ=10.622 ± 5.213, µ=6.522 ± 1.867 ng/ml) respectively with highly statically significant (T-Value 6.58, P- Value<0.05 ) the 95% CI for Difference is (-5.333;-2.867), I had found there are a positive correlation between the increase serum glutathione serum level and high disease activity when I study the correlation between Disease activity (DAS28-ESR) and GR, with high statistically significant ( P-Value<0.05) (Pearson correlation 0.265). Conclusion: Glutathione Reductase Enzyme gives a Picture for damaged cells due to Oxidative stress during chronic inflammation in Patient with RA. Patient with RA is more prone to Oxidative Stress related disease than other patient with autoimmune disease that hasn’t high oxidative stress.

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