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Significance of Biomarkers in Diagnosis of COVID-19

Author(s): Aniket Jain and Swaroopa Chakole*


Background: SARS-CoV-2 global outbreak and has caused widespread dysfunction around the world. It has become hazardous disease globally and early detection is a major problem for the virus. Everywhere around the globe researchers are trying to invent an innovative COVID-19 diagnostic test, as the currently used RT-PCR method is time consuming and expensive. Thereby scientists have an urgent need for reliable biomarkers related to Coronavirus 2019. It is necessary to find the role of biomarkers in visualising disease severity and appropriate allocation of resources. Specific diagnostic tests to diagnose acute respiratory syndrome two and Coronavirus led disease are not always present and take time to gain outcome. Biomarkers are used to assess a patient's clinical condition. These biomarkers may be helpful in testing people who may have COVID-19 to prioritise several levels of treatment, especially in conditions where time and resources are limited.

Summary: Biomarkers have been instrumental in making clinical decisions on various infectious diseases. There is evidence of a linkage between many biomarkers and how contagious is the COVID-19 infection. This can be utilized as an alternative to medical purpose to direct therapy, care and acceptance, which helps in better prognosis and reducing mortality rates, assessment of the validity of these natural symptoms.

Conclusion: In summary we can state from the survey of published studies that biomarkers are found to play an important role as they will reduce detection time, be more expensive and reduce the chances of transmission of the virus during the diagnosis. It can also be used to improve RT-PCR test results.

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